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Prayers – not an empty Magnolia Square – needed to mark the National Day of Prayer

To the editor: The National Day of Prayer finds me in front of the Liberty County Court House waiting for other believers to arrive. Standing under a shade tree in front of their memorial under the bright colors of ‘Old Glory’ wondering why am I not standing in Magnolia Square in Blountstown with my Calhoun […]

Liberty Co. educators made a difference and helped siblings achieve their goals

To the editor: April is a very special month in the lives of my children. They have completed a challenge that I assigned them many years ago and I am very proud of their individual successes. This month, all three of my children will graduate from college, which is a unique coincidence, since all three […]

PAEC cuts will be devastating to Panhandle school districts

Dear Editor: Another legislative session has just ended, and the governor’s power of veto was the last option on issues not settled during session. Through the help of school board lobbyist Patrick Bell, and Representative Marti Coley we were able to get $300,000 appropriated to make some very necessary repairs at Carr School. For the […]

Peavy family buys Classic Cleaners; business moves to Charlie Johns St.

The lounging bobcats, coiled rattlesnakes and trophy deer mounts have been moved out and rows of clothing ready to be cleaned have been rolled in to the building that once housed Buck Wild Taxidermy. The taxidermy business has been moved to Travis Peavy’s home while his parents, Marlon and Debbie Peavy set up a new […]

Plans halted for effort to create scholarship in memory of Altha native

To the editor, With regret we find it necessary to withdraw our plans to initiate a Scholarship Fund to support the Jerry Sellers Memorial Scholarship, which was to be dedicated to a worthy graduate of Altha High School each year in perpetuity. The substantial publicity generated for the Scholarship Fund during the planning for the […]

Did you look back as the puppies you dumped ran after your truck?

To the editor, This letter is to the person who dumped off the five lab puppies in front of my family’s house on Durham Road. After you dropped them off, did you look in your mirror to see if they were running behind you? I know they did because they followed us every time we […]

Hospital a real success story thanks to directors and staff

To the editor, A while back I wrote a letter to the editor about Joe Wood and the good that he does for our area. In keeping with that tradition, I would like to address another pleasant situation and that is Calhoun Liberty Hospital. In the later part of 2005, DaSee a for-profit corporation, was […]

Community should work with, not against our local schools

To the editor: It is public education that guarantees each of our students the equal opportunity to get the same education without discriminating because of race, color, creed or sexuality. If tax dollars were not filtered in, this would be impossible. Poorer countries could not build state of the art facilities with the best equipment […]

Lawsuit against LCSB ‘was never about money’

To the editor, Stories have two sides; this is my side of the recent lawsuit. I would like a point of clarity, I have only filed one lawsuit. I feel your paper misrepresents my actions as implying multiple lawsuits. They have all been one in the same, just different steps in the procedure. The main […]

Altha police chief disputes CCSO report on arrest of man for hitting landlord

To the editor, I, Chief James Baggett of the Altha Police Department, am writing this letter in defense of the Altha Police Department. In the Dec. 8 issue of our local newspapers, there was a sheriff’s report about an Altha man who was charged with battery on a man over 65 after punching the landlord. […]