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Woman pinned by car is saved by local heroes

To the editor, My elderly mother recently had an accident at her house. She was attempting to load her dog. They are used to her cranking the car and them loading up. On Tuesday, Sept. 3, she thought she had the car in park, she reached for her 60 pound dog and fell halfway out […]

Juries: A sacred trust

To the editor, We the people have four ways to keep the government (our so-called public servants) in check and bind them from mischief with the chains of the Constitution: 1) the ballot box, 2) the soap box, 3) the jury box and the 4) cartridge box. The focus here is solely on the jury […]

It’s time to reinstate Nick Finch

To the editor, And the plot thickens. “How in the world does if Nick Finch will resign then we will defer the charges, get added onto one week after the arraignment to say also: the sheriff would resign and take part in a probation-like program,” State Attorney Willie Meggs said in an interview? Then, as […]

Children are watching and learning from adults’ bad behavior

To the editor: I have always considered myself as a peacemaker of sorts. Maybe it’s an inherent Woodham trait, but I also believe that it is a gift from God. I have never been one to enjoy conflict or debate. But this is the “real world” – it cannot always be seen through rose colored […]

Perhaps I missed your point while reading my Bible, cleaning my guns

To the editor: This is in response to Jerry Cox’s article in the Calhoun-Liberty Journal dated Wednesday, April 10. First, I would like to thank you for your years of military service. I believe however, our military is much better off now without you in it. Jerry, are you a big government person? Do you […]

Stolen chickens were special pets

To the editor: A reward is offered for the return of our chickens taken from our home on Pea Ridge Road on Saturday, March 16. You were just taking chickens or so you thought. But in reality you invaded our family. You took the little white hen that religiously guarded all eggs each day until […]

Calhoun Co. roads fared well despite recent heavy rainfall

To the editor: The recent rains totaled 12-14 inches for Calhoun and surrounding counties. Our roads, ditches, cross drains and other infrastructure held up remarkably well. Some of our roads were under water by design and held up until the water receded. The little damage we had was quickly identified by County and Emergency Management […]

Hoping to see some change at Calhoun County Sheriff’s office

To the editor: With the new people coming into the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office, I am hoping to see some changes with the detail to the residents of our county. In 1996, my home was ransacked by some out of state robbers, who were captured in the act by law enforcement. They went to trial, […]

Unhappy with Southerland’s decisions

To the editor: Rep. Southerland disappointed us again by being a petty ideologue instead of a statesman. He voted against the Senate’s bipartisan Violence Against Women Act even though its expired version has already proven it can reduce crime. Fortunately 22 Senate Republicans and 87 House Republicans saw the need to help victims of domestic […]