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Guests enjoy music, art and food at Arts Series Saturday

The Blountstown Public Library held another Arts Series Event last Saturday. From Nature Photography to Florida Soundscapes featured two artists who are filled with the wonders and fascination of our physical universe. The event transported us to places in the wilderness and our senses were filled with all the sights and sounds of nature. Photographer […]

Remembering Jerry Johnson

  Friends and family gathered at Friday’s football game in Bristol to honor the late Jerry Johnson, who served Liberty County as a School Superintendent, teacher and coach for many years. The Bulldog Club presented the family with a plaque that read, “In Memory Of Coach Jerry Johnson, For 32 years of dedicated service, leadership, […]

Liberty Clerk asks for help saving documents packed in basement

Pipes are leaking, rodents are chewing their way through old files and at one point, “There was a mudslide or something in there,” said Liberty County Clerk of Court Kathy Brown about the basement records storage room in the Liberty County Courthouse. She’s had to peel apart stacks of soaked documents damaged so badly that, […]

Hosford man recalls aftermath of D-Day

by Teresa Eubanks, Journal Editor They were burying the dead when Colin Chester Moore stepped onto Omaha Beach after D-Day on June 6, 1944. Soldiers had already stormed the shores at Normandy, France, where their mission was to form a beachhead to link the Allied Invasion forces. It is believed that between 2,500 and 3,000 […]

Liberty Ozone Dixie Youth win district; will go to Sebring for World Series July 6

The Liberty County Ozone team will be traveling to Sebring on July 6 for the Ozone Dixie Youth World Series. The boys and the parents are collecting donations to help pay for the trip. If you would like to help out, please contact Stacey Creamer at 447-0116, Rhonda Polver at 508-9558, Dawn Weeks 228-6073 or […]

Remembering Mrs. Doris Shuler and summer fun at White Springs

by Tony Anderson The recent passing of Mrs. Doris Shuler, who in my personal opinion will always be one of Liberty County’s’ greatest ladies, has conjured up memories of what she has meant to me and how White Springs was one of my favorite places to go when I was growing up. When I think […]

Ida Larkins to others, she was ‘Bunny’ to her grandchildren

by Harriet Revell Brady, granddaughter of Ida Larkins Thanksgiving Day, any guest in the world would say - “I’ll invite Bunny back.” Since I was the first grandchild to give her a title, and she never liked Grandma names anyway, “Bunny” suited us both. Ida Larkins, to others, Bunny to her grandchildren. If I could […]

Bristol Texaco Station

Elwood & Red’s Bristol Texaco Station Elwood Long and an unidentified woman are shown inside a Texaco Station, known as Elwood and Red’s Texaco Station, which operated in Bristol during the 1930s and 40s. It was located on the west side of State Road 12 North, across from Liberty County High School (where the Christian […]

The lives of George Dewey Sr. & Hazel Eunice Eubanks Bateman

George and Hazel lived in Bristol most of their lives. George worked at different jobs during his working life. He snaked poles out of the swamp with his prized oxen: Rough, Rite, Buck and Bright. He made syrup locally and traveled to parts of the state making syrup for different individuals. George owned and operated […]

The Browns and the Allens: Great Depression drew many to Florida

by Joe Brown During the early 1930s, during the Great Depression, many families migrated to Florida to seek their fortunes in a new life. They used every means of transportation to get here. This is a story about one of those families who only got as far as Liberty County. In 1930, things were tough […]