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Beck found not guilty of molestation in 2-day trial

by Teresa Eubanks, Journal Editor
A man accused of molesting a young girl for several years was found not guilty by a six-member Liberty County jury last week after a two-day trial.
The jury returned a verdict in just under four hours after asking several questions and requesting to review testimony. A relative of the victim later said the jury was not able to review all the information they asked for.
The defendant was former correctional officer Billy Beck, 55, of Telogia, who was married to the child’s mother for five years.
A young witness who testified on Beck’s behalf said his accuser had told her the allegations were lies.
In a recorded interview following his arrest last April, Beck told an investigator that he believed the little girl was infatuated with him. He alleged that a few years ago they had both been sleeping when he awoke and found the girl - then just seven years old - taking his hand and placing it on her body. He stated that he “had never touched her and will never touch her.”
The testimony given in court by the girl painted a different picture.
Beck’s accuser, who was five years old when Beck became a part of her and her mother’s lives, testified that she and Beck would often fall asleep on the living room couch watching t.v. She said she would later awaken to find Beck’s hand inside her shirt or pants.
The activity continued until she was older. When she was 11, she and her mother were playing a game of Twenty-One Questions when she admitted she had been inappropriately touched many times. The mother shared the information with a school volunteer, who then told a school employee. That person then brought the information to the school resource officer, which lead to an investigation by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.
“Justice was not served. He’s destroyed our lives…but we have faith that we will get better,” the girl’s mother said after hearing the verdict. Later, she said her daughter was “really hurt and disappointed” over the verdict.
Prosecutor James Beville commended his young client on her poise in court and said, “I thought she was brave and I’m proud of her standing up for herself. She held her own against a seasoned attorney who, frankly, tore into her.”

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January 26th, 2018



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