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Man held without bond after woman thrown out of truck

by Teresa Eubanks, Journal Editor

A man who allegedly threw his girlfriend out of a pickup truck on Nov. 23 has been charged with domestic battery.

Louis Cameron Rogers, 25, of Blountstown was arrested last Thursday afternoon when deputies responded to two reports from witnesses who saw a woman who appeared to have been pushed out of a truck into the road near the Affordable Towing yard in Blountstown, according to a report from the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies arrived to find the couple outside, with Rogers holding up the injured woman who was unable to stand on her own, according to the arrest report.

A deputy assessed that the victim “had clearly been subject to trauma” and noted that she had a series of small cuts on her face, along with numerous bruises on both arms.

The woman complained of neck pain and repeatedly stated, “I don’t feel good.” She initially refused to be examined by EMTs without her boyfriend present but eventually agreed to go into the ambulance without him.

When questioned by a deputy, the woman said she had been driving and fell out of the truck, but couldn’t explain how it happened.

Both 911 calls reported the woman falling from the passenger’s side of the truck around 4:11 p.m. that Thanksgiving Day. The deputy was suspicious of the cause of the fall and noted in his report that he had responded to a call involving the couple previously that resulted in Rogers being charged with domestic battery.

Rogers told a deputy that his girlfriend was driving to work and was going to drop him off at a friend’s home. He said when she realized she’d left her name tag behind, she got mad and turned around rapidly, causing the truck to go into the ditch. He stated that she got out of the truck and collapsed.

After the deputy pointed out inconsistencies in Rogers’ account of events with what witnesses reported seeing, he admitted they had been “bickering” but insisted that she was driving.

Rogers was taken into custody as the deputy contacted one of the witnesses by phone.

The witness stated he heard a scream and went to his door to look outside, where he saw the passenger door open and a woman fall out and then roll on the ground.

When presented with the witness account, Rogers admitted he was driving but said his girlfriend had jumped out.

Deputy Patrick Fleming told Rogers he was still under arrest and ordered him to shut the door to the patrol car where he was sitting. Rogers then hit the window of the door with his head. He stopped after the deputy threatened to use pepper spray on him.

The deputy then went to talk with the victim, who had been taken to the emergency room. She was upset to learn of Rogers’ arrest and said she had jumped out of the vehicle.

The couple’s child, who was riding with them at the time, was turned over to relatives. The Department of Children and Families was notified of the incident.

In addition to the battery charge, Rogers - who is currently on county probation - was also charged with a probation violation. He is being held without bond.

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December 1st, 2017



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