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BHS teacher charged with sending explicit texts to Altha student

by Teresa Eubanks, Journal Editor

A teacher at Blountstown High School (BHS)  has been charged with sending sexually explicit text messages to a teenage boy.

Marquita Nichole Calhoun, 28, of Blountstown was taken into custody early Tuesday at the Calhoun County Jail and later released on her on recognizance.  She began teaching science this year at BHS; prior to that, she was a science teacher at Altha School, where the victim is enrolled.

According to the probable cause, School Resource Officer Lt. Randy McCroan questioned the student after learning that he and Calhoun had exchanged inappropriate messages. His phone was seized as evidence.

Lt. Todd Wheetley of the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office spoke with the teacher and took custody of her phone.  When he told her, “I think you know what this is about,” she nodded yes.

Wheetley and McCroan interviewed the teacher, who told them that until a few months ago, her text communication with the boy had been purely as mentor and student.

She said the boy initiated the inappropriate sexual text messages, but acknowledged that she sent a text to the boy that said, “I love you.”

The teacher said that she and the boy had never met to carry out what they discussed in sexually-related messages.

She described the texting that occurred between them as something that “spiraled out of control” and was not based in reality.

The boy told Wheetley that he and the teacher began texting one another two years earlier when she was teaching at his school.  He said the “I love you” texts started this past February and admitted to the investigator he felt the teacher “was his girlfriend in a secret kind of way.”

He said they had both sent sexually explicit text messages.

Calhoun County School Superintendent Ralph Yoder said the teacher has been suspended with pay in accordance with school policy.

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September 22nd, 2017



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