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Fountain woman dies after attack by pit bull

A 76-year-old woman died after being attacked by a pit bull she was looking after for her daughter and son-in-law early Saturday morning.

After being injured sometime around 1 a.m., Alicia Malagon called the couple, who were about to leave on a cruise from South Florida. Malagon told them what happened but said she was “fine.” The couple canceled their plans. The son-in-law contacted his brother, Phillip Salvador, and asked him to go check on her as they started the drive home to Fountain.

Salvador had to break a door window to get into the Lamond Road residence, where he found the injured woman on the kitchen floor in a pool of blood, going in and out of consciousness.

When Calhoun County Deputy Patrick Fleming arrived, an ambulance crew was trying to stabilize the victim, whose wounds were much more serious that what was reported in a 911 call. Rescue workers originally wanted to have her taken by helicopter to Bay Medical Center but due to her failing condition, rushed her to Calhoun-Liberty Hospital.

She was pronounced dead at 3:04 a.m.

According to the deputy’s report, the victim had watched over her family members’ home and animals many times before. This time, she brought her own pet with her - a small dachshund. At some point that evening, a pit bull known as “Blue” tried to attack the smaller dog. When Malagon went to save the little dog, the pit bull turned on her.

She had “extremely deep and large lacerations” on her right leg, according to the deputy’s report. She also had bite marks on both arms. The smaller dog was also badly injured.

Unable to walk, the injured woman dragged herself from the bedroom to the kitchen to get to the phone to call her daughter. Although they told her they were returning home, the couple apparently did not realize the extent of her injuries, according to the deputy’s report.

The victim’s body was transported to the medical examiner’s office by Adams Funeral Home.

The pit bull was quarantined at the sheriff’s office and is confined in a crate belonging to its owners. The owners have requested the animal be euthanized immediately.

The Health Department has also been notified.

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September 1st, 2017



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