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Liberty Commission March 9 regular meeting

Official minutes from the March 9, 2017
regular meeting of the Liberty Commission
as recorded by the board secretary

The workshop was called to order by Chairman Dexter Barber. Present at the meeting were Commissioners Dexter Barber, James Sanders, Dewayne Branch, Jim Johnson, Scott Phillips, Attorney Robin Myers, Clerk Kathleen Brown and Deputy Clerk Mason Kever.
Prayer was led by Branch.
Pledge of Allegiance was led by Sanders.

Audience Concerns:
Peggy Howland with Liberty Community Health Care requested a letter of support from the Liberty County Board of County Commissioners requesting that the health insurance providers United Health Care and Capital Health Plan accept patients with Liberty Community Health Care. Motion made by Sanders, seconded by Johnson and carried.
Justin Ford advised the Board that three bids had been received for the Lake Mystic Church Road Project. Roberts and Roberts was the low bidder. Motion to accept bid from Roberts and Roberts Inc. for construction of the Lake Mystic Church Road, DOT grant for $327,450.48 made by Sanders, seconded by Johnson and carried. The bid was over $200,000 under the state grant award amount.
Justin Ford advised the Board that two bids had been received on the CR 379A Road Project. Roberts and Roberts was the low bidder. Motion to accept bid from Roberts and Roberts Inc. for construction of the 379A Road Project DOT grant for $1,434,844.00 made by Johnson, seconded by Sanders and carried. The CR 379A bid was over contract so the Board will have to work with DOT to see if the excess funds available in the Lake Mystic Church Road project can be used to supplement the CR 379A project.
Attorney Myers advised the Board that the CEI bid proposal on CR 120 Project had been published twice with only one proposal returned each time. The proposal was advertised this time including three projects, CR 120, CR 379A, and Lake Mystic Church Road. Motion to accept CEI services from Southeastern Consulting Engineers Inc. for all three projects and for the Clerk and Board Chairman to write a letter to the State of Florida saying we are within State standards on accepting CEI services with a single response after advertising; made by Sanders, seconded by Phillips and carried.
Justin Ford addressed the Board in regards to the new applications due for SCRAP, SCOP, CIGP the end of March 2017. The proposed roads to submit were: CR 67 from CR 67 to Big Branch, Brinkley Lane/Lindsey Lane from CR 12 to Pea Ridge Road, CR 333 from Ray Kever Road to the dead end, CR 270 from Sweetwater Creek to Torreya Park Road, and CR 67 (Old Bristol Road) from SR 65 to Burnt Bridge Road. The Board requested to drop the CR 333 project and add CR 12 from Bristol to the Rex Lumber sawmill.
Johnson asked Justin Ford if we could speed up road construction around Rex Lumber. He also asked what options were available for CR 67 and FH 13. Ford stated that the work was approved and happening in 2019 as a 5-million-dollar project.
The board was in agreement with submitting the listing Ford provided.
Motion to approve turn lane Resolution 2017-03 on Kever Road by Johnson, seconded by Phillips and carried.

Board Concerns:
Sanders addressed Hosford batting cages, which are under construction and moving forward.
Attorney Myers discussed Tony Arrant and the creation of the Land Development Code, which includes the dirt hauling code.
Motion for Attorney Myers to write a letter for the commission addressing the need for a traffic signal at intersection of SR 12 and SR 20, by Johnson, seconded by Sanders and carried.
Motion for Bob Burns with Florida Rural Water to conduct a free rate study for the water department made by Sanders, seconded by Johnson and carried.
Claudia Machado addressed the board in regards to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Motion to support the proclamation request by Liberty County in support of Mothers Against Drunk Driving made by Johnson, seconded by Phillips and Carried.
Motion to approve check issuance and payment in accordance with the Mac Dump Truck buyback program, through Capital Trucks, annually each year from the duration of the initial 5-year agreement, made by Sanders, seconded by Phillips and carried.
Rhonda Peddie, on behalf of Stephen Ford, discussed 911 grants. Grant applications for E911 County Grant Program Applications were, 1) Map Display Upgrade for $23,884.00, 2) 911 System Maintenance for $37,831.21, 3) Map Generation Hardware Refresh for $1,603.69, 4) UPS Replacement for $9,687.60. Motion for approval of applications as well as a $50,000 increase in budget due to an unanticipated grant revenue this fiscal year, made by Johnson, seconded by Sanders and carried.
Sanders spoke on behalf of Tim McCroskey about McCroskey’s property line concerns. McCroskey will be installing a fence soon and desires to know how close to the county maintained road he can place his fence. Sanders stated Tim agreed to a 16-foot road. The road is on McCroskey’s property and has been maintained by the County for years. The Commissioners were in agreement with McCroskey’s desire to build his fence in respect to the 16-foot road maintained by the county; land markers mentioned were past the green phone box where the old grader roll used to be. There was discussion that the issue would not be completely resolved. Statements were made pertaining to the need to survey numerous roads in the county then have the privately owed county maintained roads dedicated as official county roads. After the dedication, the roads should be removed from personal taxes.
All county maintained roads were discussed by the Board. Motion made to collect a list of all county maintained roads and review if personal property taxes are being paid by the landowner for each road, by Johnson, seconded by Sanders and carried.
Commissioners requested a check to see if Tim McCroskey and William Arnold’s roads have been dedicated and removed from taxes.
Motion to pay the Hosford-Telogia Volunteer Fire department their $1,000 annual county contribution check, by Johnson, seconded by Sanders and carried. The underlying agreement was that the funds will be used only for the repairs of the fire trucks.
Malone Alford contract discussed. Motion made to place Malone Alford on payroll in OPS position for 6-month intervals. FICA payments and the county assisting with Federal withholding would be the only benefits received. An application would be taken at the beginning of each six-month interval and Alford reviewed for rehire at that time. The recreation department would be paying Alfords wages, which would be 29 hours a week at minimum wage. Motion made by Johnson, seconded by Sanders and carried.
Motion made to build a 24x60 pole barn with a concrete foundation for the recreation department. The pole barn will serve two purposes, providing shelter for visitors at the ballpark and providing a closed in storage area for the recreation department equipment. The proposed budget for this expense was approximately $6,700.00. This figure was the approximate amount of the remaining unexpended funds received from the sale of the Lake Mystic precinct sale. Motion to approve said term by Johnson, seconded by Sanders and carried.
Harold Sande and Melisa Durham gave a presentation on behalf of the Veterans Memorial Railroad.
Motion made to approve payment to Ketchum, Wood and Burgert, Pathology Associates, for services rendered on behalf of Liberty County for invoices from October 2015 through March 2017 for $10,273.43 made by Sanders, seconded by Johnson, and carried. County Attorney to write a letter to notify said associates to submit a budget request every year.
Melissa Peddie discussed a credit card for ambulance services for the county.
Branch suggested that the county use one credit card instead of using several separate companies.
Sanders and Branch suggested that Attorney Myers begin to create a credit card policy. They also suggested Deputy Clerk Mason Kever research the credit card company that would work best for the county and present information at the next board meeting.
County Attorney advised the Board that the agreement to sell the old ambulance to the Calhoun Hospital has been prepared and needs to be signed. This was approved by the Board during the meeting on Feb. 9, 2017.
Motion made for J.T. Hathaway to receive bids for purchasing a tire machine, balancer, and car rack for the road department by Johnson, seconded by Sanders, and carried.
Branch opened a discussion on ½ cent sales tax.
Motion to hire Brian Eddins contingent on certain circumstances, namely: 1) professional services contract formed by Attorney Myers, 2) beginning April 1, 3) acting as Fire Services Coordinator responsible for the ½ cent sales tax revenue, 4) $12,000 annual pay, 5) 30-60 day probationary period allowing either party to terminate agreement, and 6) arrival of the sales tax money in a timely manner; motion made by Branch, seconded by Sanders, and carried.
Attorney Myers discussed the necessary amendment correction for Ordinance 17-01 pertaining to garbage services and correcting dumpster sizes and fees.
Motion to approve payment for $1,668.60 for the railroad lease with AN Railways LLC allowing the crossing of the railroad tracks at Hosford Park, made by Sanders, seconded by Johnson and carried.
Attorney Myers discussed Resolution #17-04, conferring Home Rule powers to Counties and Municipalities, allowing Local Officials to pass Local Ordinances and exercise all powers not specifically prohibited by law. Motion to approve Resolution 17-04 made by Sanders, seconded by Branch and carried.
Attorney Myers discussed moving the mobile home out of Bentley Bluff pursuant to the abandoned property statute. Sheriff White advised the Board that he could post the notice and remove the property, but was concerned with the process of preserving the property once it is removed. County Attorney will send the Sheriff an email with the Statute number.
Branch discussed moving a camper out of the Cave-In Landing. Sheriff White stated he had recently searched the area for drugs. Sheriff White asked for the ordinance stating the details of removing property of this type.
Clerk Brown advised the Board that the Senate is requesting amended forms for the appropriations requests previously submitted by noon on Friday.
Clerk Brown discussed expiration of the Department of Agriculture’s lease with the County for the office space at the civic center. Motion to approve the renewal of the lease at Veterans Civic Center by Sanders, seconded by Phillips, and carried.
Clerk Brown advised the Board of the meeting to be held on April 20, 2017 from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. at the Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve office in Eastpoint on the Surface Water Improvement and Management Plan Update for the Apalachicola River and Bay Watershed.
Clerk Brown advised the Board that the Hosford Library roof in leaking. Chairman Barber will call Jerkins to check it.
Motion to approve Veterans Memorial Railroad bills: 1) Gloria Keenan for $102.40 2) Harold Sande for $692.00 3) Harold Sande for $89.95 4) IntegriCo Composites of Louisiana LLC for $1,440.00 5) Joni Read for $1,954.26, by Johnson, seconded by Sanders and carried.
Johnson and Branch had questions regarding the Veterans Memorial Railroad. There was discussion on a bank account set up and the auto drafting of Thunder tickets. Clerk Brown informed the Commissioners that the bank account is being set up but to run the online ticket sales through the bank account, more information is needed to get this done.
Motion to pay bills by Johnson, seconded by Phillips, and carried.
Motion to approve minutes for Board Meetings 02/09/17 and 02/23/17 by Johnson, seconded by Phillips, and carried.
Motion to adjourn made by Sanders, second ed by Phillips and carried.

Warrant List & Numbers
Payroll 35236 - 35248
General 16081 - 16282
Ship 4369 - 4378
Weatherization - None
Bank EFT Payments:
Feb. 10 – March 9, 2017
Kathleen E. Brown, Clerk of Court
Dexter Barber, Chairman

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