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Liberty County Commission Feb. 23 special meeting

Official minutes from the Feb. 23, 2017
special meeting of the Lib. Commission
as recorded by the board secretary.

The workshop was called to order by Chairman Dexter Barber. Present at the meeting were Commissioners Dexter Barber, James Sanders, Dewayne Branch, Jim Johnson, Attorney Robin Myers, Clerk Kathleen Brown and Deputy Clerk Mason Kever. Commissioner Scott Phillips attended by phone.
Prayer was led by Dick Stanley.
Pledge of Allegiance was led by James Sanders.
Audience Concerns:
Rhonda Branch discussed sidewalk erosion issue on Chester Street in Hosford. Motion made for the road department to fill the wash with milling by Sanders, seconded by Johnson and carried.
L.B. Arnold Discussed Hosford/Telogia Fire Department and Ambulance service. Arnold requested that the ambulance be shared in the Hosford area more often. Branch expressed deep concerns with the state of the station, as he had visited it in person and witnessed the conditions. Branch asked for the sheriff’s assistance in cleaning the building with an inmate crew. He also went on to say the building needs to be secure before the ambulance is positioned in the Fire Department. Branch stated he knows the sheriff was currently working on the securing that area. Johnson and Branch both agreed that the locks needed to be changed at the building. They both also discussed the need to fix the AC duct grate that could provide an entrance to intruders. It was noted that the locks had been changed in the ambulance area already.
Johnson mentioned how this issue had been dragging on long enough and action needed to be taken immediately. A motion was made to have the road department bring a dump truck to the fire station and clean it up no later than the end of work day Monday by Johnson, seconded by Sanders and carried.
Melissa Peddie with the County Ambulance Service addressed the board. Peddie stated how this was a concern in the past that received no response from the previous sheriff. Peddie mentioned the problems with meth in Hosford and the illegal entry into the Hosford Fire Station. Peddie expressed concerns that people were entering the ambulance section of the station from the fire section; gas, oil and gear had been stolen. Peddie was deeply concerned with the possibility that medications could be stolen from the ambulance.
A motion was made to install a camera system in the building for monitoring and the building to be rekeyed by Johnson, seconded by Branch and carried.
A motion was made to replace the beds and any interior items needed to accommodate ambulance employees when they stay at the Hosford Fire Station by Johnson, seconded by Branch and carried.
Johnson requested the Road Department attend the meetings and the meetings be scheduled at a time when the public can attend.
Sheriff White addressed the Board on ways to help prevent damage and stop intrusion in the Hosford Fire Station. He recommended a wall of separation between fire and ambulance equipment.
Sanders recommended a chain-link cage construction where the ambulance would sit. A motion was made for Dick Stanley to design a chain-link cage and move forward with the construction of the cage by Johnson, seconded by Sanders, and carried. Sanders mentioned the prison can donate the chain-link fencing.
Branch discussed concerns with the budget. He recommended other Board members review the budget closer before authorizing expenditures.
Sheriff White discussed search and rescue equipment. He informed the Commissioners the need for a pole barn to protect equipment using inmate labor. The lumber had already been donated by Rex Lumber. Sheriff White also requested the Board pay the engineer fees to renovate the old jail.
Bret Phillips discussed their Capital Outlay Fund and how the funds had been depleted by the previous Sheriff. Phillips advised the Board that they may have $10,000 available. Johnson questioned if there was a way to look at the books and find where the money had been spent.
Phillips asked about the ½ cent sales tax funds. There has been no information provided on these funds as of yet. Phillips asked if the county fire truck could be placed under this new Sheriff pole barn expansion.
A motion was made to pay for the Sheriff’s pole barn, not to exceed $4,500.00, out of the Courthouse and Jail Maintenance Fund and pay the Engineer fees for the renovation of the jail out of the Jail Improvement Fund by Johnson, seconded by Sanders, and carried.
Sheriff White gave an update on the jail repairs. Barber requested the Sheriff pay for the jail renovation out of the Sheriff’s Capital Outlay Fund before requesting funding from the board.
Sheriff White gave the Board an update on arrests and safety for the County.
A motion was made to waive the landfill tipping fee for the Sheriff in association with the Broad Spectrum contract by Johnson, seconded by Sanders and carried.
Katie Phillips, Grant Director, and Dick Stanley, Building Inspector, addressed the board in regards to the SHIP program. They explained there was an issue starting years ago before Katie began her employment with the SHIP program. This issue related to the overpayment of administrative expenses. To correct this the county needs to pay $16,277.27 to the SHIP Trust fund to be in state compliance.
A motion was made to pay back the SHIP program from the General Fund miscellaneous expense account in the amount of $16,277.27 by Johnson, seconded by Branch, and carried.
Sheriff White offered praise to Dick Stanley for all he does for the county.
Clerk Brown requested the Board give direction on scoring the CEI proposal bids due March 7. Clerk Brown advised the Board that bidders requested who would score the proposals. The board agreed they would score the proposals.
Clerk Brown advised the Board that the Search & Rescue Equipment currently under the Board needs to be transferred from the County to the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff and Board agreed to transfer this equipment from the county to the Sheriff’s fixed assets list.
Myers discussed water use from northern cities/states and the effect it would have on our community.
Motion to pass Resolution #17-02 to contact the Army Corp of Engineers letting them know we are against the holding of water by Johnson, seconded by Branch and carried.
Myers addressed the board in relation to the Malone Alford contract. Alford can work no more than 29 hours or we will have to offer him full benefits.
A motion was made to allow Tony Arrant to move forward with the application and pulling permits for the County on SR 65 and the Land Swap by Johnson, seconded by Sanders and carried.
Motion to adjourn by Sanders, seconded by Branch and carried.
Kathleen E. Brown, Clerk of Court
Dexter Barber, Chairman

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