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Pedestrian hit by car on SR 20 Tues. night

by Teresa Eubanks, Journal Editor

A Liberty County man was rushed by ambulance to Bay Medical Hospital after he was hit by a car on SR 20 Tuesday evening in Blountstown.

The injured man was identified as Josh Summers, who was walking in the road and picking up tools that had just fallen from a friend’s truck.

“He did appear to sustain a head injury and his hip and leg were hurt,” according to Calhoun County Sheriff’s Deputy Nic Keller.  He said Summers was conscious when an ambulance crew arrived.

Summers was riding with Matthew Clark,  who had just turned off Matthew Wood Road to go east on SR 20 around 7 p.m.  when a toolbox tumbled out of the back of his truck.

Clark pulled over and the two men got out to retrieve a large number of tools that were scattered across the road.

“They were trying to pick up the tools real quick,” Keller said. There was no visible traffic when they stopped.  A short time later, Clark noticed an oncoming car in the distance and yelled a warning to Summers.  Summers continued collecting tools, unaware that his friend was trying to get his attention.   A bystander at the scene later suggested that it may have been difficult to hear since the large diesel truck they left parked by the side of the road was still running.

“He was standing right in the middle of the eastbound lane when he was hit,” according to the deputy.  He said the driver, who was traveling in a four-door sedan,  managed to decrease her speed before impact.  He said there wasn’t time for her to take evasive action,  pointing out, “She didn’t see him until it was unavoidable.”

The woman, who was traveling with her husband, was extremely upset.  When the deputy tried to calm her down, she told him, “That’s my lieutenant!”

She and Summers are both employed with Liberty Correctional Institution.

The Feb. 14 accident is being investigated by the Florida Highway Patrol.

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February 17th, 2017



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