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Teen charged in stabbing incident

A 16-year-old Calhoun County youth is facing a charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon after he allegedly stabbed a man in the back during a domestic altercation on Nov. 17.

According to the report, a deputy arrived to find the youth trying to stop the bleeding of a man who was on the floor.

The teenager told the deputy that an infant in the home had fallen and he and the child’s mother had called family members for help but the incident had resulted in an argument.

The boy stated that during the dispute, the victim “grabbed him in a bear hug.”  He said he then reached out for something to hit the man with, grabbed a knife from the kitchen counter and swung it toward the victim.  The knife went into the man’s back, where it was “deeply embedded,” according to the arrest report.

Names in the report were redacted and it was unclear who removed the weapon,  but the deputy’s account stated that another person at the scene pulled the knife out and dropped it into the sink.

One of the witnesses gave a sworn statement consistent with the suspect’s.  Another witness declined to speak without an attorney present.

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November 25th, 2016



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