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Liberty County Commission holds Value Adjustment Board organizational meeting

Official minutes from the Sept. 22, 2016
organizational meeting of the Liberty
Commission as recorded by the board secretary

The Organizational Meeting was called to order by Clerk Kathleen Brown.  Present at the meeting were County Commissioners James Sanders and Scott Phillips, School Board Member Kyle Peddie, Business Owner, David Jackson Summers, Real Property Owner, Joe Shuler, Property Appraiser, Patricia Whitfield, Clerk Kathleen Brown, Deputy Clerk Bret Phillips and VAB Attorney, Rachel Chestnut.
Prayer was led by Joe Shuler
Pledge was led by Kyle Peddie
Motion to hire the VAB attorney, Rachel Chestnut was made by Sanders, seconded by Peddie, and carried.
The Value Adjustment Members announced their names for the record:  James Sanders, County Commissioner, District 5, Scott Phillips, County Commissioner, District 4, Kyle Peddie, School Board Member District 4, Joe Shuler, Real Property Owner, David Jackson Summers, Business Owner.
Motion to appoint a Chairman made by Phillips, seconded by Joe Shuler and carried.
Motion to approve Resolution #2016-17 assessing the $15.00 filing fee was made by Joe Shuler, seconded by David Jackson Summers, and carried.
The county attorney advised the Board that there were no petitions to address.
Ms. Chestnut, Attorney ready procedures to the Board members.
There was one petition filed but it was withdrawn. The Clerk can keep the $15.00 filing fee.
Motion to adjourn made by Jackson Summers, seconded by Peddie, and carried.
Kathleen E. Brown, Clerk of Court
James Sanders, Chairman

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