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Student charged with battery in bloody fight in LCHS ag classroom

An 18-year-old Liberty County High School student was charged with battery after a fight in the ag shop just before noon Thursday.

A student who ran to the office to report the altercation said there was “blood everywhere.”

The principal and School Resource Officer Lt. James Lowery found the victim, Tyler Davis, 19, with facial injuries. His right eye was swollen shut and his face was bleeding.

Witnesses said Davis had played a joke recording on his cell phone and told Lucas Uzzell the call was for him.

Witnesses said Uzzell warned Davis he was going to “pound him in the face” if he played it again.

Davis reportedly replied, “Go ahead and hit me” and played the recording once more.

Witnesses said Uzzell struck Davis five times in the face with a closed fist.

Uzzell was taken into custody. Davis was transported by ambulance to the emergency room at Calhoun-Liberty Hospital, where he was treated and released.

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May 4th, 2012



1 to “Student charged with battery in bloody fight in LCHS ag classroom”

  1. Peggy Johnson says:

    The “joke” wasn’t a “joke” at all. You didn’t include what the student was playing to my grandson. First of all, the other student wasn’t enrolled in the class with Lucas. Second, this student shouldn’t have been allowed to have a cell phone in the class. Why didn’t the teacher take the phone away? The student played a message from his cell phone which said, “Calling Dr. Faggot” and told my grandson that the call was for him. Lucas was humiliated and didn’t think it was funny, nor did he take it as a joke. A joke is only a joke if everyone is laughing. Also, my grandson warned the student to stop. POnce a student tells someone who is intimidating and taunting him or her to stop, the other person should stop. Why didn’t the teacher intervene and separate the students? Did the student receive any punishment for being in the wrong class, for having a cell phone out during class, for using inappropriate, sexually inappropriate language and for harrassing and humiliating (bullying) Lucas? I’m also curious about how many students of Libery County have been arrested for fighting and defending themselves and how many students have had their pictures and arrest reports printed in your paper?

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